Being a Family Carer is Easier When You Follow a Schedule

Family caregivers don’t always have it easy, but you can make things work well. It takes a little planning. Start by creating a care plan and build a schedule from that list. Here are the steps to take.


Senior Care in Arden NC: Caregiver Scheduling

Senior Care in Arden NC: Caregiver Scheduling


Come Up With a List of Things Your Parents Can and Cannot Do

Come up with a list of the daily activities that your parents need to do. Now go over which they can do and what they struggle with. If your mom has a hard time remembering to take her blood pressure medications each morning, that’s something to put on the list.

Your dad’s doctor told him it’s time to stop driving. He’s going to need someone driving him to stores, to and from his appointments, and to other locations.

Your mom still loves to cook. She may need help reading a recipe, but the rest she does well on her own. You wouldn’t need to put meal preparation on her care plan.


How Often Do These Items Need to Be Done?

Once you have an idea of what help your parents need, you need to consider how often they’re required. Laundry is likely a once-a-week task. Meals and medication reminders are daily. If your dad needs a ride to a doctor’s appointment, likely, he’ll only need transportation a few times a year.

Draw out monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists. If there are chores that don’t fit into any of those categories, list them on a fourth sheet.


Talk to Family Members and Friends

As you come up with these lists, talk to your family and friends. If anyone wants to help out, they should be able to pick and choose the days and chores that work for their skill sets and schedules. Build a schedule for everyone to follow. It simplifies care and ensures everyone understands daily roles.

You need to pay close attention to the gaps. If there are chores or days that no one can cover, you need to make sure that your parents’ needs don’t go ignored. Elder care services can cover the days you’re not available and don’t have anyone else who can help out.


Plan for Last-Minute Emergencies

It’s your day to help out, but you wake up feeling feverish and achy. It’s your brother’s day, but his care won’t start. You need to have a plan in place for these last-minute emergencies. If others can’t help out, you need to ask about respite care services when you call an elder care expert.

Caregivers work with you and your parents to ensure everyone is happy. Take time off for self-care by having elder care aides take over. Ask about respite care and find out more about pricing and when to schedule it.


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