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Go home stay home package

Designed to help individuals who:

  • Discharged from rehabilitation center
  • Discharged from hospital
  • Post operation / surgery

This is a package for patients who need a high level of care starting off and gradually become more independent as they recover.

24/7 In Home Care

This package offers a reduced rate to make round the clock home care more affordable. With someone taking care of your loved one and being there all the time families can be assured they are taken care of.

This service is most beneficial for those who are:

  • In hospice care / end of life
  • Post operation / surgery
  • Discharged from hospital or rehabilitation facility

Weekly appointment special


    • 4-6 hours of care


    • Assistance with getting ready for appointment


    • Go to appointment


    • Document doctors orders and recommendations


    • Ask questions for family members


    • Drop off and pick up medications


    • Get groceries when needed


    • Go home and help settle in


We offer an in home evaluation and work with you to decide what plan of care works best for everyone.

Coming home special

This Special is designed for those who need help getting home from the hospital, rehabilitation center, outpatient procedure.

    • 4-6 hours of care


    • Transportation home from facility


    • Prescription drop off / pick up


    • Errands or grocery store assistance


    • Take home and settle in


Long-term care insurance assistance

This offer helps determine what your long-term care insurance will do for you

    • Determine how much in home care is covered


    • Assess client's ability to receive and qualify for benefits


    • Help to plan the best timing to utilize benefits


    • Assistance with ongoing billing for clients


Daily check in package


    • 4 hours/day, 7 days a week


    • Caregiver checks on client well being


    • Provide social interaction / exercise / meal prep


    • Family receives notification and status update


    • Pet care, feeding and walking


    • Make sure medications are on schedule


    • Completes other daily task as assigned


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