Why Is My Elderly Parent Not Eating Well?

Have you noticed that your elderly parent isn’t eating well?

Maybe they push their plate away before they are finished eating. You might call them around lunchtime only to find out they haven’t eaten yet. Many elderly people struggle to eat well. You might be wondering why your elderly loved one isn’t eating well. Learning more about the reasons why many elderly people don’t eat well can give you an idea of how to help your elderly loved one.

Why Is My Elderly Parents Not Eating Well?- CareHeartedly In-Home Care Services


Reasons Why Your Elderly Parent Is Not Eating Well: 

1. Can’t do grocery shopping anymore

Is your elderly loved one stuck at home most of the time due to pain or other health issues? Do they experience a lot of discomfort after going anywhere? If so, your elderly loved one might not be able to do the grocery shopping anymore. They may need someone to do it for them. This is where you or one of the elderly care providers can step in. You can go grocery shopping for your elderly loved one once a week. Your elderly loved one can even make a list of the things they need or want.


2. Kitchen hazards

Your elderly loved one might not be eating well because of kitchen hazards. They may be afraid to use the stove because they left it on once when they left the house. Your elderly loved one might not be able to use a knife because of shaking in their hands. Many kitchen hazards might be preventing your elderly loved one from cooking. If you suspect this may be the reason your elderly loved one is not eating well, you may have to get someone to cook for them.


Why Is My Elderly Loved One Not Eating Well?- CareHeartedly In-Home Care Services3. Feeling lonely

Your elderly loved one might be feeling lonely. They may not want to eat alone anymore. This could be because their spouse passed away. It could be just because they want someone to talk to more often. If this is the case, you can have one of their elderly care providers eat with them. This can allow your elderly loved ones to connect with others and feel better. After doing so, they may start eating better.



These are just some of the reasons why your elderly loved one may not be eating well. If you have noticed your elderly loved one isn’t eating much or that they are skipping meals, you can help them. They may just be lonely or they may not be able to make it to the store. You or elderly care providers can go grocery shopping for them, cook for them, or eat with them.


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