Home Care: As the good weather arrives, your mom is going to be able to get outside more often.

She can go for walks, work in her gardens, and read books outside in the sun. On days you’re able to stop by, the entire family can spend time together outside.

Senior Care in Arden NC: Fair Weather Activities

Senior Care in Arden NC: Fair Weather Activities

Here are five home care tips to do outside that all ages will love.

  • Make S’Mores
    If you have a small campfire ring, patio fire pit, or charcoal grill, start a fire. When the coals are good and hot, get out the graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate squares. Get long bamboo skewers that have been soaked for the recommended amount of time or some sticks from the yard and let everyone roast their marshmallows and assemble the s’mores.
  • Play Lawn Games
    Teach the children and teens in the family some of the popular games you played outside as a kid. Croquet, Bocce, and Cornhole are some of the games you can introduce them to. You could also play old-fashioned lawn games like Freeze Tag or Simon Says.
  • Go Fishing
    Fishing may not appeal to everyone in your family, but the area surrounding fishing spots are great for picnics. Those who want to fish can do so. Everyone else can play games, go for nature walks, or play in the water.
  • Print a Scavenger Hunt List
    Go online and print out a scavenger hunt list for everyone in the family. You’ll find them on sites like Pinterest. Some involve taking a photo of each thing you find. Others are simply checklists. Drive to a local park that has level walking trails and work through the list.
    You’ll spend time outside together and keep children engaged as they try to find the most items. If you do a photo scavenger hunt, you can look at all the photos on phones and cameras during a picnic lunch.
  • Build a Raised Bed Garden
    If your mom doesn’t find it easy to bend or squat, a raised bed helps her continue gardening without worrying about muscle and joint pain. Take a weekend to build a raised bed garden using cedar boards nailed into rectangles or squares.
    Put landscaping fabric, newspapers, or cardboard at the bottom of the raised beds to keep out weeds. Fill them with a mix of manure, peat moss, and garden soil. Once the bed is established, seeds and seedlings go into the soil. Let kids take turns watering the plants and soil. Home care can help your senior with the upkeep.

Your mom doesn’t have to be alone when you’re at work. Home care helps your family year-round. Have a caregiver come to her home and join her for walks, check on her while she gardens, or sit outside in the sun for iced tea and conversation. Call a home care agency to discuss companionship services.


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