Home Care in Hendersonville NC: Parents of Estranged Adult Kids

Home Care in Hendersonville NC:
Parents of Estranged Adult Kids

On October 15th, Meghan Vickers attended the PSWMLTC’s (Professional Social Workers, Marketers, and Long-Term Care professionals) monthly Zoom meeting with special guest, Fe Avis, who led a discussion on the topic “Parents of Estranged Adult Kids”. In 2019 Fe established the PEAK support network to help those family members who suffer a loss due to an estranged child. He’s also written a book, also called PEAK, to serve as a resource for recovery.


During our meeting, he shared some fascinating, heartbreaking, and shocking information about this not too uncommon family situation (although rarely talked about). For instance, often times a rejected parent has done nothing to warrant an adult child’s rejection. And he mentioned in our meeting, as well as in his book, that “There are few situations more agonizing in life than to find that your adult child has cut off communication with you and possibly you from your grandchildren.


People who have experienced the loss of a friend in war, family members to car accidents or physical violence, or the loss of all their material possessions will testify that the pain from all these losses pales in comparison to that of the estrangement from children and grandchildren.” Thanks so much to Fe for spreading awareness on this tough topic and enlightening our group.


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