Meghan and Justin Participated In An All Day Course, “Strategies for Dementia Care”

On September 23rd, Meghan and Justin participated in the all-day course Strategies for Dementia Care training led by Teepa Snow.

Home Care in Hendersonville NC: Dementia Care

Home Care in Hendersonville NC: Dementia Care

During this online seminar, Teepa shared her Positive Approach to Care to help loved ones better understand the stages of dementia and how to respond and get curious, instead of reacting.

This helps to create stronger more loving relationships with our family and friends that are affected by dementia. “PAC strives to change the culture of dementia care to allow ALL people to feel supported through the delivery of awareness, knowledge, and skills. Positive Approach® enhances the life and relationships of those living with brain change by fostering an inclusive global community. Until There’s A Cure, There’s Care.”

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