December Featured Caregiver


Our featured caregiver for December is Patricia Weiss.

Patricia has been a part of the CareHeartedly team for a little over a year. Her hometown is Port Washington and after a life of hard work teaching P.E, coaching, real estate, and other work, she has found that now she can just show her true colors as a caregiver.

When asked about her family she stated, "After losing my previous dog, I opted to be free for a while by not getting another just yet."  Patricia's favorite part about being a caregiver is that she enjoys making a positive change for individuals. Her advice to other caregivers is simple...Remain truthful with integrity and always think 'How can I help you?' Patricia's favorite food is potatoes because so many different meals can be created.

Her favorite movie is Unbroken and she enjoys easy listening music. Outside of work, Patricia is always creating something related to home improvements, whether that be home staging, woodworking, or landscaping. She loves the outdoors! Fun fact is that she was raised and worked a 1000 acre lake drive farm with her 11 siblings in Wisconsin. Patricia, we are very blessed to have you as part of our team.

November Featured Caregiver


November's featured caregiver is Kaitlyn (aka Katie). Kaitlyn has been a part of the CareHeartedly family for one year and three months. She is a native of Hendersonville and when asked about her family she stated, "I live with my mother and our three dogs, with all of our chickens and ducks, on our little hill in the mountains."

Kaitlyn's favorite part about being a caregiver is the ability to be there for someone when they feel alone or like no one wants to help them. Her loving spirit enjoys being able to reassure them that they are safe and secure. Her advice to other caregivers is "Remember that you can be a friend to your client when appropriate because that is part of companion care, but know when to be professional!"

When Kaitlyn is not working she is either at school or helping on the farm. She loves to spend time with her family and friends outdoors and fishing. Her favorite food is pasta. Her favorite movie is "Oh Brother Where Art Thou". Random fun fact is that she loves classic country music and listening to her old vinyl collection. Thank you Kaitlyn for the special attention you give to those you care for!

October Featured Caregiver


Metra is our featured caregiver for the month of October. She is from Villa Rica, GA originally, but luckily found her way to CareHeartedly. After only four months with us, she has made a wonderful addition to our team. Metra is a very skilled and well loved caregiver, everyone she meets adores her!

She has two sons, a dog and a cat. Her favorite part about caregiving is making people smile, even outside of work she helps her mother-in-law to keep her smiling!  Metra's favorites include Greek food, country music, and romance movies....random fun facts are that she speaks fluent Spanish and loves owls.

We can not wait to see what the future brings with Metra. Thank you, Metra, for making a difference in our family.

September Featured Caregiver


Our featured caregiver for the month of September is Marsha! Marsha has been a part of the CareHeartedly family for a little over a year and is a lifelong resident of Henderson County. Marsha has two daughters named Jade and Jasmine, one sweet grandson named Tre, and a dog named Tuck.

Marsha loves being a caregiver! When asked what her favorite part about being a caregiver is she said "My favorite part is being able to meet so many wonderful people and helping families with their loved ones to take some of the burden off of them." Marsha's advice to other caregivers is this.."Be kind! The people we take care of are beautiful, wonderful people and deserve our respect and kindness."

When Marsha is off work, she loves spending time outside and watching football every chance she gets "GO KC". She enjoys anything Italian to eat, and old horror movies. She listens to country music and 80's hairband music. Fun fact about Marsha is that she loves to sew. We are so thankful to have her as a part of our family.

August Featured Caregiver


Meet our featured caregiver for the month of August… Jennifer! Jennifer has been with the CareHeartedly family for 1 ½ years and is originally from Brevard, NC but currently resides in Lake Lure, NC with her family. When we asked her about her family, she said “... I have a husband, John, who has been my rock for 16 years. We have a 13-year-old princess cat named Bonsai, and an almost 3-year-old American pit named Bjorn. They are my world!” When we asked her how she spends her time outside of work, she said “…When I am not working, I spend time with my family and friends. Sometimes we take that time for granted...then we realize it's too late to get it back. Enjoy each moment you are given to the best of your ability!”

Jennifer’s favorite part about being a caregiver is “…Honestly, my favorite part of being a caregiver is making my clients smile. Things are not easy in the world anymore and a lot of elderly people simply feel like there is nothing good left. When you can leave them smiling at the end of a shift, that makes it worth everything to me!” Her advice for other caregivers is “…A smile can change a person's whole day; you never know what is going on in someone else's mind! And always remember that what you put out in this world comes back!” When asked what being a caregiver means to her, she said “...caregiving to me means that you provide people with the care, compassion, and love that you would want to be treated with under the same circumstances.” Her favorite memory with a client is “…coming in to work with a client with dementia and being remembered even when they don't remember's those moments when you KNOW you made a difference!”

Jennifer’s favorite food is Japanese or homemade chicken tenders, her favorite movie is Pretty Woman because it reminds her not to judge people, and her favorite type of music is Classic Rock. A fun fact about her is that she’s never been on an airplane.

We’re so thankful to have loving and attentive caregivers like Jennifer. They’re an integral part to the growth and functioning of our company. Jennifer is even taking on some other administrative tasks throughout the company and we look forward to seeing all that she will do! Keep up the great work Jennifer!

July Featured Caregiver


Meet our featured caregiver for the month of July, Barbara K.! Barbara has been with the CareHeartedly family for nine months, she’s originally from Botavia New York, but currently resides in Hendersonville, NC.

When asked what her advice for other caregivers would be, Barbara said “…be kind, be patient, be on time…communicate with your clients and management.” Outside of work she likes to practice self-care and she also works at Estate Sales. She takes care of a 100-year-old house, and loves exploring the historic district that she lives in. Her favorite foods are chicken, fish, fresh veggies, and fresh fruit. Her favorite type of music is country, and her favorite movies are Baby Boom featuring Diane Keaton and Sweet Alabama.

When asked what caregiving means to her, Barbara said “…making someone’s life a little easier.” She loves to reflect on her time with her beautiful 97-year-old client, she says she was amazing. A fun fact about Barbara is that she used to teach Zumba and still loves to do physical activity, it helps her to age gracefully, she even has a personal trainer.

We’re so thankful for the dedicated and caring staff that make up our work family, thank you for your service, Barbara!

June Featured Caregiver


Meet our very first Featured Caregiver of the month… Shaelagh! Shaelagh has been with the CareHeartedly family for one year and seven months. She is originally from Cape Cod, MA but currently resides in Hendersonville, NC with her family. She spends most of her time with her amazing Partner Erik, her two sons Orion and Odin who are both in college, and a special cat named Sassy. Outside of work, she is also a Realtor with Keller Williams Mountain Partners in Hendersonville, NC.


When asked what caregiving means to her, Shaelagh said “…being able to spend time with some incredible people!” Her favorite part of being a caregiver is “…the gratification of helping others.” Her advice for other caregivers is “…be respectful of others, pay it forward and hard work equals freedom.”

A random fun fact about Shaelagh is that she lived on a boat for eight months once! Her favorite foods are sushi, pizza, or anything on the grill! Her favorite music is absolutely anything with a good beat, and her favorite movies are Caddy Shack and Don't Look Up.

We’re so thankful for caregivers like Shaelagh and their dedication to our company and clients. Congratulations on being our first Featured Caregiver, you deserve all the recognition!