Your senior’s quality of life is an important factor in ensuring that she’s getting her needs met on multiple levels. These are four areas that you may want to look at more closely for her.

Caregiver in Asheville NC: Senior Quality of Life

Caregiver in Asheville NC: Senior Quality of Life

Engaging Her Brain

Brain health is a huge part of overall health. If your elderly family member’s brain isn’t getting the stimulation that it needs, she’s going to find herself in a situation where her memory feels sluggish and she starts to wonder if she’s experiencing cognitive changes. Challenging her brain in ways that are fun helps to alleviate those concerns. Find out what your elderly family member wants to try, especially if it’s something new for her. That can jumpstart her brain in a fun way.

Keeping Her Heart Healthy

Another important factor in overall health is your senior’s cardiac health. This is vital no matter whether she has existing heart issues or not because her heart is at the center of a variety of health issues. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what you need to know and do in order to keep your senior’s heart as healthy as possible. The answers might vary from medication to switching up her diet or even starting an exercise program.

Addressing Physical Activity

Whether your senior has heart issues or not, being as physically active as she’s able to be is important for her quality of life. Talk to your senior’s doctor about what types and how much physical activity is okay for her. It’s a lot easier for your senior to become more active if she approaches it in a slow, measured way. Mobility challenges aren’t something to ignore, of course, but your elderly family member can increase her activity levels even if she’s sitting for most of the day. Chair exercises can do a lot for her.

Ensuring She’s as Social as She Needs to Be

An often-overlooked aspect of wellness is your senior’s social life. If she’s isolating, that can lead to emotional and mental issues that take a massive toll on her. Everyone has a different tolerance for and definition of “being social,” but it’s important that your senior is around people regularly. One way to do this is to bring in elderly care providers who can not only help with some of the tasks that are becoming more difficult for her but who can also offer companionship.

Your senior’s needs in these areas may fluctuate. Developing a plan for checking in on these areas is going to help you to help her.


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