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About CareHeartedly

For every person we serve, we know we are caring for an individual who craves the care and attention that family is, at times, unable to give. The stress and strain of caring for someone we love during their time of need is a difficult and emotional balance we aim to respect. We hope you will trust us with the care of your loved one. We promise to provide love, care, attention, and comfort to your loved one with honesty, respect, and dignity. Call or email us today to schedule your no obligation consultation.

Our Story

CareHeartedly was founded when Justin and Meghan joined together to form CareHeartedly, LLC and set out on a mission to improve the quality of life and the quality in-home care to the seniors and disabled adults that they serve.

After witnessing the incredible benefits and extension of life that both of their late grandmother's received as a result of having in-home caregivers, Justin and Meghan were inspired to combine their mutual passions for health and helping others together with their business and medical backgrounds for the benefit of other individuals and families in need of exceptional home care. Thus CareHeartedly was born.

When they are not in the office, Justin and Meghan spend time with their two children, and enjoy spending time hiking and enjoying the outdoors with their family.

About CareHeartedly in Hendersonville, NC

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Our Team

Justin VIckers

Justin Vickers - Agency Director

Justin completed fire academy and medical training to become a licensed EMT in 2006. Then in 2009 he became a licensed Paramedic and remains licensed today. During his work as a Paramedic he's had the opportunity to assist hundreds of disabled and elderly persons needing immediate medical attention and understands the dangers they face when they aren't receiving the dedicated attention and care they deserve. He's also dealt first hand with the difficulties and complications of seniors transitioning back home from the hospital and passionately advocates for education around Fall Prevention and Care Transition programs in order to allow people to stay in their residence longer and ensure that they don't experience an incident that would result in emergency transport and readmission back to the hospital.

Meghan Vickers - Operations Manager

Meghan Vickers grew up in a medical family (her mother is a nurse practitioner and her father was a doctor) and she continues to have a strong interest and passion for health as a result. Meghan has over 12 years of leadership and management experience working in Corporate Facilities Management for four Fortune 500 companies. Shortly after having her first child, she watched her own family struggle to care for her grandmother when her health began to decline. Luckily, they had the resources and knowledge to know that they could find professional caregivers who could help address her grandmother's needs, which greatly improved her quality and length of life. She's inspired to help others in the same situation, and has the resources and education herself to help them get the additional assistance they need to care for their loved ones.

Meghan VIckers
Jonell Grier

Jonell Grier - RN Supervisor

At the end of September we gladly welcomed Jonell Grier to the team! As a graduate of Ohio State University with a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Education from the University of Cincinnati, her career began in the field of Child Protective Services (CPS). This work as a Licensed Social Worker inboth rural and urban settings in Cincinnati, Ohio and Henderson County, North Carolina changed the lives of countless children and their families. Fifteen years of learning to positively intervene in families and communities built a foundation of strong interpersonal skills and a belief that working in service to others is ones’ highest calling.

In 2001 Jonell began a new career in Nursing, attending Blue Ridge Community College and joining the staff of Hope Behavioral Health at Park Ridge Hospital. As a Registered Nurse she has experienced the struggles of adult women facing Eating Disorders and other addictive behaviors, the balance of treating the medically-fragile with emotional disorders and the challenges of families coping with psychiatric issues of their aging loved ones, dementia and the increased need for supervision and care. She has acute medical nursing skills from Med/Surg and ICU experience at Transylvania Regional Hospital and has trained CNA’s as Adjunct Instructor at Blue Ridge Community College.

She joins the CareHeartedly team as an RN Supervisor to serve alongside our Caregiver staff, clients and their families/communities by providing thoughtful, compassionate intervention, supervision, training and support through it all.

Karen Hoffman - RN Supervisor

Karen received her RN from Wayne College in Detroit, Michigan and has worked in a variety of settings including Long Term Care, Occupational Health, Emergency Nursing and Mental Health. This broad knowledge base has allowed her to develop processes and policies to ensure quality care for senior clients. When she first started working in senior medical care, she found the care available to be severely fragmented, and many community services weren't being utilized by seniors in need. She developed processes to allow seniors to access these community services and developed discharge policies that equipped in-home aides with the durable medical equipment needed to properly care for these seniors. Karen has also taken advanced classes in Infection Control at Chapel Hill. She has helped CareHeartedly develop comprehensive Infection Control protocols and also uses her expertise to train our in-home care staff in order to minimize transmission.

Karen Hoffman

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